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Frequently Asked Questions Presented By Our Members.

With the Digi Mentor annual membership, you will gain access to a full library of educational content centered around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

You will learn learn the basics from how to setup an crypto wallet all the way to more advance training such as how to participate in decentralized finance and NFTs

We offer a free membership that gives users access to basic but quality cryptocurrency educational content. We also offer a $9.99 trial membership that gives members access to the full crypto library for 30 days. 

The blockchain and crypto library currently has around 30 lessons on a variety of topics but we will look to continue to add high-quality content for our members for the life of their membership. 

XEN Crypto is a collaborative project of people building for the XEN community.

It is an effort made by the crypto community to educate others about the freedom to create and channel economic energy through the XEN token. We want to spread information about the first principles delineated by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin Whitepaper and brought back by Jack Levin, the founder of XEN. Our effort is directed at promoting self-custody, trust through consensus, transparency, and decentralization. All of these principles are reflected in XEN.

XEN Crypto is a small part of a larger community. It organized itself, realizing that the value of the XEN token came from itself. Nothing is more important than a single person minting XEN and expressing a desire to give value to it.

 XEN has no fixed supply. XEN is a token that can be minted for free. The only thing you need to create XEN is an Ethereum-compatible wallet that interacts with the XEN smart contract to claim a cRank and some ETH to pay for the gas fee. Despite the fact that XEN can be minted for free, it derives its value from the gas price spent on the transaction, the seize of the network, and the time spent between the claim and the mint of XEN. The difficulty of creating the token is time-adjusted and it’s also proportional to the number of participants. At the beginning, the inflation will be very high and at one point, the algorithmic inflation adjustment will achieve a 0% increase rate and the global inflation will reach a flat 2% per year. Here, we present the tokenomic theory and the mechanisms behind different functions.

You can either use XEN Crypto to purchase products and services in the Digi Mentor Store, Participate in NFT Auctions (TBA) or swap them for other cryptos such as BNB


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