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Begin building an insanely profitable cryptocurrency portfolio today!

Introducing the LEARN NFT Collection!

A collection of step-by-step tutorials and mini-courses from industry experts.


Receive mini-courses and step-by-step tutorials on a ton of crypto and blockchain technology subjects from beginner to advanced levels.


We will teach you how you can begin building your very own crypto portfolio and explore the world of defi and NFTs we will guide you every step of the way.


By applying the skills learned in our online courses not only will your levels of success but you will also have the chance to earn community rewards

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the Digi Mentor annual membership, you will gain access to a full library of educational content centered around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

You will learn learn the basics from how to setup an crypto wallet all the way to more advance training such as how to participate in decentralized finance and NFTs

We offer a free membership that gives users access to basic but quality cryptocurrency educational content. We also offer a $9.99 trial membership that gives members access to the full crypto library for 30 days. 

The blockchain and crypto library currently has around 30 lessons on a variety of topics but we will look to continue to add high-quality content for our members for the life of their membership. 

The mentor NFTs are digital assets that can be purchased the give users access to specialized content provided by our community of industry experts 

For each NFT you hold In the collection you will have the ability to earn crypto by simply learning Each NFT in the collection unlocks access to a short quiz after every lesson where upon passing you can receive our Exclusive LEARN token along with the chance to receive periodic airdrops of tokens associated with the quiz. 

Course credits are reward tokens for members of the Digi Mentor community. These rewards allow members to EARN real-world value why they LEARN about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Members will be required to take and pass quizzes associated with the lessons inside of Digi Mentor. The amount, of course, credits a member can earn will vary depending on which course they take. 

The total Maximum Course Credits have a total maximum supply of 5 million tokens. There is a 5% tax on buys, sells, and transfers of tokens which are redistributed to existing token holders

You can either use Course Credits tokens to purchase products and services in the Digi Mentor Store, Participate in NFT Auctions (TBA) or swap them for other cryptos such as XEN BNB or BUSD

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